Getting Started with a Radio Controlled Truck

RC racing and drifting barely have any rules – there is no speed limit for example and you may choose to upgrade your car however you wish. If you are new to this fascinating realm, your first question is probably related to the type of vehicle to own. It is obvious why so any people prefer a radio controlled truck. These are strong, resilient and perform well in a race.


RC is an electronic based industry and thus will have new, more advanced models always coming up. The model to acquire depends on your budget, but also on how you plan on using it. 

Hobby vs. toy-grade




How to Build Your Own RC Drift Circuit at Home

Radio controlled car tracks can usually be found in many areas and many of these are indoors, so the weather does not hinder the activity. However, if there is no track in your area, you can build your own. 

The size of the RC drift circuit for your scale models is entirely up to you. Most people find their yards to provide sufficient space for a track. The cheapest setup will cost very little. Build this on concrete. Order track dots online to place where needed. These will last you for a log time. 


The Perks of Joining a Radio Controlled Car Club

Anyone who is passionate of radio controlled vehicles will think at some point about joining a group of similar enthusiasts, where the fun is increased and the challenge is peaking. 

Across the UK, there is a fairly good number of local car clubs to join for remote controlled vehicles like mini drift cars, trucks, truggies, buggies, crawlers and so on. These clubs usually offer special venues for members to gather and compete. There can racing, drifting or rock crawling – all under the same roof, as clubs tend to have such facilities that shelter participants from bad weather. This means you can enjoy your hobby at any given time, regardless of the weather outside.