Different RC Cars Drifting Techniques To Practice

If you are a beginner hobbyist of RC cars, chances are you might be looking for some drifting techniques that you can use. Before getting into some of the most advanced techniques, you need to know the basics. In U shaped or S shaped RC Drift circuit tracks, the car need to corner appropriately to be able to stay in the race. Cornering involved different methods and techniques that are much trickier than driving on any straight track. RC drifting is mainly slipping of the rear tires on the track rather than rolling on it. Among RC enthusiasts, drifting can be a spectacular site for the audience. They can see the cars sway on the track generating loops. One needs to maintain consistent speed through the arc to be able to come out of the corner at a fast speed.
Some of the basic cars drifting techniques used by car enthusiasts are –
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