Check out Few RC Model Cars Models That are Drool Worthy

car02As kids you must have had million fantasies. Starting from the big round lollipop till the speedy cars on the road, everything amazes a child. What seems like a pass time can grow into a passion. One such hobby turned passion for many is collecting and racing with model cars. As children you might have played with push and move cars, RC drift cars, Audio controlled cars etc. But the love for such cars never fades out even when you grow big. There are plenty of electric radio controlled model cars kits that are used for racing on and off road that are still very much popular among boys, guys and men.

Onslaught RC rally car

Among the Schumacher distributed items, this car is close to many hearts for its sweet looks. These 1/24th scale electric Ready to Run car and trucks are there to stay and provide awesome fun when one races with a partner. They can make a great team along with Wave Runner fun cars. Its 2.4 GHZ radio system is commendable and reliable.

Carisma GT16 Desert Beetle car

This desert guy really looks appealing and is the most favorite pick of many Ready to Run RC model car enthusiast. With excellent wheels and body finishes, this is one model reprises one of the most iconic vehicle of the time. With 2.4 GHZ radio system, brushed motor and batteries to power, one can start racing any moment they buy the big boy.



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